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You might be surprised at all we can do with recycled paper. Our products are not only safe, efficient and economical, but their use helps protect our environment and reduces our use of non-renewable resources. To help you find what you need quickly, we have divided our offerings into three broad categories.


Some of our best-selling products use recycled paper combined with various additives to provide insulation for homes and commercial buildings. Depending on the product, Tascon cellulose insulations are suitable for both thermal and noise reduction applications.

Tascon's high quality Loose-fill cellulose insulation is available to do-it-yourself home owners at better home centers throughout the Southwest. To find the location nearest you, check out our Where to Buy section. Commercial builders and installers are served directly from our Houston and Fort Worth, Texas offices. Contact Us for more information.

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Tascon mulches are more effective than the familiar wood bark mulches at preventing weeds, and their moisture retention properties make for healthier plants and shrubs.

Consumer products, marketed under the name Enviroguard™, are available to home owners at better home and garden centers throughout the Southwest. For the location nearest you, check out out Where to Buy section.

In commercial applications, Tascon's Enviroguard mulch has proven so effective at controlling weeds, commercial growers use it with potted plants to reduce or even eliminate their dependence on pesticides while reducing water consumption by up to a third.

Tascon also manufactures a variety seeding mulches for use along highways and in large commercial developments. Impregnated with grass seed and natural green dyes, Tascon seeding mulch is an attractive and economical way to seed large areas quickly. The cellulose mulch retains moisture to keep the grass seed from dying out. Over time, as the seedlings begin to take hold, the cellulose components biodegrade into the soil, providing natural carbon and nutrients essential to healthy plant growth.

Our full line of horticulture products are available to commercial builders, professional landscapers, and governmental municipalities and departments of transportation and recreation directly from our facilities in Houston and Fort Worth, Texas. Contact Us to discuss your particular application.

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Industrial Products

Tascon's specially designed equipment is used to manufacture cellulose fibers to function as absorbents, fire-proofing, asphalt coatings and other chemical applications. Contact Us to talk about your needs and ideas.

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